DataPower has skills, knowledge and tools to unleash the power of data and analytical modelling to make informed decisions. The partnership turns data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom.

In particular Datapower builds on complementary analytical, modelling and management skills and our stakeholders and clients entrust our company with supporting their decision-making and the design of strategic processes. Concerning Human skills and competencies, DataPower is very experienced in competence and skills building, Knowledge Transfer, Integration and deployment in management approaches, strategies and processes. Furthermore, DataPower is very skilled in the approaches, methods and solutions for Risk assessment, modelling and management.

Datapower contributes to the SafeCult project, which aims to construct a skills framework for disaster risk management for European libraries, archives and museums, making available its long-established design skills, process analysis competencies, risk assessment capabilities, as well as its experience in the design of paths of development of human skills and competencies and elaborating a course programme and materials to support the education of the operators working in the field of written heritage.