The activities of the SAFECULT project in the second half of 2022 were characterized by a number of personal bilateral meetings, consultations, and questionnaires, which the researchers from the coordinating organization STUBA reached with the SAFECULT stakeholders.  Informing them about the project, its goals, and the results achieved so far, STUBA opened with them a discussion on the topic of disaster risk management in written heritage, which has not been addressed for a long time. It was found that in Slovakia, 10 years ago conceptual documents were prepared at the ministry level, which was supposed to lay the foundation for this issue. Unfortunately, as a result of organizational and personnel changes, these documents and initiatives became buried under the burden of problems that needed to be solved promptly, until they were eventually forgotten. However, SAFECULT Erasmus + project once again opened the door for solving this systemic challenge in the Slovak Republic. The representative of the Ministry (MINV) is part of the project’s research team and is familiar with the issue, as well as related conceptual documents and legislation. The cooperation between STUBA and MINV thus provides a real basis for a successful implementation of the results of the project in Slovakia in the near future. As part of the discussions related to the creation of the conceptual document R3/A1 Key study on current knowledge, skills, and approaches, it was possible to involve in the project a person who was engaged in the creation of conceptual documents for risk management in Slovakia, as well as another expert who was involved in similar processes in the Czech Republic. Their expertise and experience will help to fulfill the goals of the project and provide insights and experience for solutions reflecting the needs of the practice, which will also be realistically applicable in the environment of memory and fund institutions.