After the conclusion of the DG SPC – Cultural Heritage Security experts, the Italian technical guidelines on identification, adaptation, design and the setting up of storage for the temporary sheltering of movable cultural heritage and the annexed conservation laboratories were published.  Inside the guidelines, the addresses for the Recovery Art of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) have been included.

The document contains accurate descriptions and guidelines concerning places and works of art: keywords risk prevention and securing against the environment and adverse conditions such as fire, armed conflict, earthquake or tsunami.

These indications concern movable cultural heritage classified, from archive and book documents, manuscripts, incunabula, maps, period books or handwritten letters to stone and metal materials, including large-sized ones, from tapestries to jewellery and all types of historical and artistic works such as paintings, statues, wooden sculptures, furniture and artefacts of various ages and production areas.

The characteristics of temporary storage facilities also include proximity to suitable road networks, to ensure easier accessibility even with medium to large vehicles.

The Guidelines were adopted by Decree No. 34 of 9 March 2022 of the Director General and published by Circular No. 14 of 17 March 2022 of the Secretary General. The Guidelines were drafted by the Working Group appointed by the Directorate itself and composed of expert officials of the Ministry with specific professional skills and consolidated experience.

Inside the guidelines appendices and technical data sheets to assist in the planning of the repositories are included. They concern also guidelines for the phase of entrusting works to external companies and for the internal equipment indispensable for the archiving and preservation of goods.

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