The dissemination activities performed by I-CON Association and Romanian Academy Library (BAR) within the SafeCult project have been addressed both to the Romanian cultural stakeholders and main center for professional training of investigators, conservators and restorers. Among these, discussions regarding the objectives of the project and how its outcomes could be implemented in Romania, for the benefit of heritage professionals, were initiated with representatives of Culturadata, the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training. Culturadata (, subordinated to the Ministry of Culture, is the only national institute that has such goals as studying, researching and providing statistical data for the field of culture, as well as the ongoing training of those who choose a career in the occupational sector of culture. Culturadata focuses on providing specialised knowledge and expertise for central and local authorities and all types of cultural organisations, offering open access to research studies, statistical tools and cultural training programs. Culturadata also plays an important role in the dynamic process of preserving and restoring cultural goods by the professionals from Romania, encouraging continuous training and the transfer of the most recent theories and research results into everyday practice. The issue of disaster risk management in cultural heritage in general, and in written heritage, in particular, has not been yet addressed by Culturadata training center. In fact, the survey based on the SafeCult questionnaire carried out among the stakeholders in Romania highlighted the lack of competences in dealing with disaster risk management for the majority of institutions managing written heritage. This adds to the lack of training courses on disaster risk management at the faculties currently training the written heritage specialists.

Considering the high seismic risk of Bucharest and many areas in Romania, as well as the fact that many libraries and archives are housed within historical buildings, a resident course to support the education of heritage operators in both disaster risk management and first aid and response intervention is highly desirable in Romania. I-CON Association will lead the training activities envisaged by SafeCult project for the staff of cultural institutions (libraries, archives, museums) holding written heritage and will closely collaborate with the Romanian Academy Library (BAR) in the organization of a capacity building workshop in Bucharest in the second part of this year. Culturadata showed a real interest in this event and in collaborating with I-CON Association and BAR for implementing the results of the project in Romania in the near future. Furthermore, the expertise and experience of Culturadata experts in providing training for heritage professionals will also be of great help for SafeCult through advice on the organization and structure of the training modules, and by facilitating their acceptance in the current Romanian VET training system.