The main objectives of the SAFECULT project always represented a crucial part of our mission and our values. As CHIEF we operate daily in emergency scenarios with the aim at safeguarding cultural heritage.
The last year has brought us to face one of the worst scenarios that can be encountered, not only in terms of cultural heritage, but in life in general. War.

Since the conflict broke out, we have immediately taken action to be able to give concrete support to the Ukrainian institutions that protect cultural heritage, our aid initiative made it possible to deliver last April to Lviv a load of material and equipment necessary for the handling and securing of Cultural Heritage in Ukraine.
Today we are proud to share with you the message of thanks that came to us from Ihor Phoshyvailo, coordinator of HERI (Heritage Emergency Response initiative) and Vice-Chair of DRMC-ICOM (Disaster Risk Management Committee of the International Council of museums).