SAFECULT survey on Disaster Risk Management

The SAFECULT project aims at building a disaster risk management skill framework for European libraries, archives, and museums and building the capacity to deploy preventive and intervening measures to mitigate the risks and the inherent impacts of natural hazards affecting the written heritage.

The SAFECULT consortium partners are performing a Survey of the status of the emergency planning and disaster risk management adoption in the public and private cultural organizations.

In effect, in this first phase of the project, it is essential to analyze the state of the art of preventive measures and management procedures to face emergencies related to written cultural heritage. For this purpose, the consortium has prepared a questionnaire that will be submitted to about 70 institutes chosen from archives, libraries, and in general, institutions in which it is possible to find written cultural heritage throughout Europe, aimed at obtaining information necessary to identify organizational models that exist and are currently in use to cope with emergencies.

The questionnaire is easy and quick to fill out and the data processing will be handled by us in compliance with the anonymity of the institution.