CHIEF ETS is an organization that works to safeguard Cultural Heritage in situations of crisis and calamity.

In 2015 it became the first Italian association included by the International Blue Shield in the list of the six organizations in the world currently recognized as operating in the protection of cultural heritage.

CHIEF ETS involves professionals in the field of cultural heritage and emergency management to maximize the synergy between these two realities, in order to protect the territory and promote sustainable development, which increases the level of resilience of the environment and populations. It makes use of the collaboration of public and private bodies, research institutes and associations with complementary skills to carry out national and international projects aimed at the dissemination and exchange of technical and methodological knowledge of risk prevention and reduction of vulnerability.


As a primary activity, the association provides teams that are organized and prepared ad hoc through highly specialized training courses for intervention during the state of emergency, without interfering with the reconstruction phase.

Furthermore, CHIEF develops scientific studies and research in the area of ​​prevention and prediction, organizes information campaigns, educational and supplementary activities in schools, and study and training activities aimed at operators and citizens.


As a partner of the consortium of the SAFECULT project, CHIEF is directly managing some activities and is responsible for obtaining some outputs and results.

In particular, in this first phase of the Project, CHIEF successfully conducted in the months of March and April the “Survey of the status of the emergency planning and disaster risk management adoption in the public and private cultural organizations in Europe” – envisaged in Action 3 of the Project Result 1.

More than 80 public and private institutions from 12 European countries answered the questionnaire, helping to reconstruct a detailed picture in terms of prevention and management of damage related to emergencies.